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A Hello to the Masses and my Book Recommendations

Hello. I'm Amy, well that's my given name anyways. I'd much prefer it if you called me Jade as that's the name I've taken to using but I will respond to my real name despite my hatred of it. I find Amy is boring and common. My mother wasn't even nice enough to spell it wierd. Anyways I'm 18 years old. My freinds admonish me that it only means I'm legally adult that I'm not there yet in terms of maturity (they've no room to talk so I don't really listen).I'm a senior at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio. I'll be attending Bowling Green State University in the fall to major in Integrated Laungage Arts. I got my accpetance letter this afternoon. I have two brothers, both younger. One is 16 with a birthday in april and the other is 15 with a birtday in march. I was in foster care up until a week before the start of school. I've played the violin since the fifthe grade if you take into consideration my year off while at Graham becuase they had no orchestra program and this year becuase I'm playing the Cello. I did name my instruments my violin is The Lady and my Cello is Sir Cello. I'm a DBZ fanatic and have fanfics of FF.net. You can link to it through my main account. Mostly I write Buruma/Vejiita fics and Trunks/Pan fics. Those would be my current kick. Though I am doing a DBZ/InuYasha crossover. I'm an anime junkie overall. And I like alternative rock though I overall listen to pretty much anything. I can't think of anythign else about me so on to the book nerd half of this.
I finished the books maybe five months ago. I actually found them by accident. I got Kushiel's Dart at the used bookstore and was addicted from there. I don't own all three. I'm still lacking Kushiel's Avatar, my granmother has decided now that I'm not in foster care I can get my books from the library on rent. In any event I loved them and actually read them all in like a two month period(only becuase I couldn't get to them all right away). The Kushiel books are not my only favorites. I'm also an avid addict of Brian Lumley's Necroscope books(which may soon become a movie, yay!) I recomment them to anyone here. They're the best. I'm also very fond of Mercedes Lackey and the novels of Valdemar. Another great series. And Sarah Douglass. Her Wayfarer Redemption books are absolutly the best. I adored them. I devoured them. I highly reccomend them to anyone here. You liked these you should like those. And if you're into actaul romance with a hint of science fiction you might try the Carpathian books(any of them beginning with the word Dard) by Christine Feehan. I think I've taken up enough space though. And I welcome anyone who feels they want to, to talk to me.
AIM: Jade R Dragosani
Hotmail: JadeRoseDragosani@hotmail.com
Yahoo: JadeRoseDragosani
and if you can't get ahold of me THAT way and feel you need to my primary email account that I would please ask you not to send junk mail to becuase that would seriously tick me off is JadeRoseDragosani@woh.rr.com
The booknerd,
Jade Rose
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