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Ok, so I finished the series... and I am dying to get some more discussion going...this community has been too quiet!

Ok, for those of you who have finished the whole series, what did you think of how everything played out? Were your questions answered? Did you feel things were lacking?

I thought it was perfect, finally a happy ending for Phedre! Especially after all she has suffered and sacrificed...

I also emailed Madame Carey about it, about her use of spirituality and how she came to the pantheon she has used in the answers were slightly vague (but hey she wrote back!) and it would seem that she studied many theologies and pantheons and adapted them for her world with the exception of Blessed Elua who she made up entirely...but doesn't it seem that he should exist? And do you think that by that rational, and by the fact that for the time we have been reading the series with all the seriousness and obsession I know most (if not all) of us do...can we say that now he could almost exist? Just because we believed in him even for a short time?

I also have enjoyed how Joscelin's character has progressed into a more multi-dimentional person, how he grows a sense of humor and such. Ah, if it's possible to be totally smitten with a fictional character! What a lovely threesome we'd have in thier house! *ahem* I digress....

So, let's drum up some discussion, shall we?
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