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Madame Carey is truly wonderful!

I wrote a quick, impulsive note to her (the Kushiel's series author) via her website which said:
randomeshu wrote:

> Madame, your books are pure genius. I balked at reading them at first,
> but was persuaded by my boyfriend that I would really enjoy it. And so I
> have.
> Your stories invade my dreams at night and I hope to become a writer of
> such worth and craft myself someday.
> Thank you for telling your stories!
> Sincerely,
> Sara Harvey

And lo and behold, she replied with:
Dear Sara,

Thanks very much for your kind note! I'm delighted that the books are
finding such a wonderful readership. I'm glad you finally succumbed to
your boyfriend's persuasion and gave them a try. :) Best of luck to you
in your own writing endeavors!

Happy New Year,

- Jacqueline Carey

I truly love authors who give such time and affection to their fans, who realize that without us they would have no career.

So, ROCK ON MADAME, Carey! *grin*
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