Love As Thou Wilt (dominanefret) wrote in terre_d_ange,
Love As Thou Wilt

For those of you that are interested:

I did a photoset based on the scene in Dart where Melisande leads Phedre around the Midwinter Masque. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it.

There is some artistic nudity, nothing obscene. If you would be offended by that don't click the little button.

I call it "the fall of an anguisette."

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Very pretty, but where's Melisande?? :)
nice :)
Pretty pictures,(further comments left out for everyone's sake.) One thing though, wasn't the outfit for the outfit when she did the whole collar bit a white see through diamond thing? It's been a few months so I could be wrong. But really, you take nice pictures. I assume though somebody else actually did the photographing?
I like them as well, but she was wearing a white gause 'dress' per se, and I was also wondering where was Melisande?? But they are great pics.
Your photographs are well done, but wasnt the lead and collar felt? And wasnt there a diamond on it. Plus the diamond gauze that made the outfit was what she finished her marque with? You are creative though! (And very brave)
Uh, not a part of this community but I figured I'd comment...

The dress WAS white gauze, with diamonds scattered all over it, because Phedre kept saying how the backs of the diamonds bit into her skin. The lead was velvet, and the collar had a diamond that touched the hollow of her throat. If any of you remember, that diamond played quite a role. I was always amused, because it seemed as though Phedre would never get rid of it. And even when she didn't have it she would always touch the hollow of her throat where it once lay.

These are good pictures, yes. I can see the symbolism. XD; But everyone was just asking so many questions I thought I'd clear it up.